How do I make sure my photos are good for print?

Our frames can be ordered up to 12″ x 23″ as long as the photo meets our requirements for print. Since resolution decreases as you enlarge a photo, the higher the resolution of your initial file, the larger you’ll be able to print your photos. If you’d like your print to be in a larger frame than what is allowed to you at the time of upload, you’ll need to upload a higher-resolution /larger version of your photo to ensure proper printing.

Dimensions below in pixels

  • Frame Sizes: 5×5, 6×6, 8×8, 10×10
    Dimension requirement: Min Height and Width: 1300
  • Frame Sizes: 5×7, 8×10, 11×14
    Dimension requirement: Min Height: 1300 Min Width: 1400
  • Frame Sizes: 12×12
    Dimension requirement: Min Height and Width: 1500 x 1500
  • Frame Sizes: 12×23
    Dimension requirement: Min Height: 1500 Min Width: 1500
Where is the wood sourced from?

The wood TrueWoods uses for each frame is lovingly given a second life with the important purpose of framing your memories. We are not always sure where the wood’s story begins, but we do know that it has journeyed the Seven Seas with the important job of holding cargo in place before it lands on the banks of the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington. Now, when the wood has completed its job of protecting the cargo, instead of being hauled to the landfill, it is now transported to TrueWood’s shop. Every shipment of wood we receive is like discovering a treasure chest–we never know what amazing beauty we are going to find just under the surface.

How are TrueTouch Prints different from traditional prints?

Your memories are printed on heirloom-quality XYZ paper with XYZ color technology. We believe your memories should be displayed in the best way possible so you can actually enjoy your image.That’s why we choose to protect each one of your memories with a TrueTouch protective layer. TrueTouch invisibly protects your memories from scratches and water damage,(UV?), all without the downside of using out-dated glass. Glass causes glare. Glass breaks. Glass can adhere to your pictures. Glass collects fingerprints. Use glass to toast special moments, not cover up your vibrant memories.

Can I use the TrueUp system with any frame?

Yes! TrueUp was specifically designed with this purpose in mind. There are two unique adapters that allow you to use the TrueUp hanging system on almost any of your old frames. We believe in repurposing materials, design freedom, and hanging happy!.

What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?

Characteristics of hardwood: hardwoods usually come from flowering trees like oak, maple or walnut. Hardwoods are more likely to be used in high-quality items that need to last. Most hardwoods have a higher density than softwoods. Hardwoods have a slower growth rate and are typically more fire resistant. On average, hardwoods are more expensive than softwoods.

Characteristics of softwood: softwoods usually come from evergreen conifers that have needles and cones like pine and spruce. Not only does 80% of all timber come from softwoods, but a wide range of applications for building components, furniture, paper, Christmas trees, and much more. Softwoods are faster growing and have a lower density than hardwoods. Softwoods are typically less expensive than hardwoods.

Why don't you frame with glass?