TrueUp Hanging – TrueWoods NW

No Holes. No Fuss. Straight EVERY Time.

  • Level and Place Your Mount

  • Attach the Adaptor and Slide in Your Frame

  • Adjust for Perfect Placement


See how easy it is to hang your frames with the revolutionary TrueUp Hanging System.

No hammer, no holes in your wall, no nails,
and with the sliding feature…no measuring tape!

Everything You Need to Hang 4 Frames


  • 4 wall mounts with no-drill, easy-to-remove, sure-hold adhesive strips.
  • 2 styles of adaptors to ensure compatibility with your frames.
  • Included level for perfectly straight pictures, every time.


“ I first used True Woods hanging system a couple months ago and was so impressed at the ease at which I could hang an entire collage of frames and photos and how fast it was to do it! I loved not having to measure exact distances between frames due to the wiggle room this system gives you. I cannot wait to use True Woods hanging system to hang frames and collages in my home! ”

- Alice Terry